Our Mission

Greek Mutual Society “Athena” is a nationwide non-profit fraternal Greek-American organization founded in 1909 whose members descend from the Former County of Mariou in Arcadia in the Peloponnese, southern Greece establishing it as one of the first Greek American organizations in the United States.  It is dedicated to the promotion of the ideals of Hellenism and the principles of Democracy, the preservation of the Greek language and cultural heritage, as well as the Greek Orthodox Church and to support philanthropic, cultural and educational institutions.  After more than a century “Athena” still continues with generations of descendants from the former County of Mariou by preserving their heritage and association with each other.  In 2015 “Athena” joined the federation of Hellenic Societies of greater New York.  In 2016 “Athena” the oldest and most historic Arcadian Society proudly joined its Arcadian brothers and sisters to become the 44th chapter in the Pan Arcadian Federation of America joining its Eastern District.